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How to clean a balcony with a pressure washer

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How to clean a balcony with a pressure washer - the basics

  • Clear the balcony completely moving furniture, plants and anything else.
  • If it’s particularly bad, use the detergent. Apply the detergent to the balcony floor
  • Use a low-pressure setting and avoid cleaning too fast or in one spot for too long to prevent water from pooling on the surface of your balcony
  • Point the pressure washer downstream and use a broad sweeping motion back and forth in one direction and then the other
  • Direct the pressure washers stream of water In between cracks Between bricks and paving stones and clean them.

Focus on areas of particularly bad dirt and grime build up. An option for a particularly large balcony is to use a water broom which creates a fan like spray from the pressure washer.

Considerations for buying a pressure washer for a balcony

Need a pressure washer for you balcony? Be sure to check our best pressure washers for balconies buyers guide.

  • Pressure is key. The higher the pressure, the more power is focused on the dirt
  • The higher the wattage, the bigger the motor in the machine and therefore the higher the PSI output
  • The size of the water flow coming from wherever you are will have an effect on the flow from your pressure washer.
  • Generally, the higher the number, the better the performance.
  • For practical reasons, the weight and the wheels should be taken into consideration. Some machines can be very heavy and if you have a lot of steps they may not be suitable for you
  • You might want to choose a hose if you are using it in a garden as  it will make your job a lot easier

Tips for cleaning your balcony with a pressure washer

  • Clear the area before using the pressure washer. Move anything that’s in the way.
  • Add detergent to hard to reach spots and stubborn stains
  • Start from one end and work across using a sweeping motion
  • Keep the pressure washer at a 45 degree angle using a wide fan and try cleaning with a balcony cleaner to make the job easier
  • When your finished squeeze the trigger until all the water leaves the gun and it will release all the air from the hose

What pressure washing nozzle should you use to clean a balcony? 

A green tip nozzle is the best to use as it produces a 25 degree spray that works well for all purpose household pressure washing. When it is time to clean your balcony, this is definitely the nozzle that you should use.

What PSI is best when cleaning a balcony with a pressure washer?

To clean your balcony with your pressure washer you need 1500 PSI. just remember that different applications take different levels of pressure.

Things to be careful of when cleaning your balcony with a pressure washer

  • Make sure you use the right pressure setting for cleaning the balcony
  • Make sure you clear the area of any obstacles
  • Don't forget to use the right attachments for cleaning the balcony
  • Don’t wear shorts and flip flops. Always wear the right safety equipment as pressure washes are dangerous equipment in the wrong hands

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