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How to Clean an ATV with Pressure Washer – Ultimate No.1 Guide

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Step by step instructions on how to clean an ATV with pressure washer.

Is your ATV looking a little grubby? Have you used the machine for some muddy fun? It’s probably time to give it a good clean. That’s where the pressure washers come into play. Perfect for blasting away dirt and debris, cleaning your ATV is easier than you think. By reading this guide we’re going to get rid of all that mud and give you some practical tips on how to do it.

How to Clean an ATV

How to Clean an ATV with Pressure Washer - Ultimate No.1 Guide

The first thing to do is prepare your bike for washing. Make sure you have space in a well drained area. If you wash your bike in the garage, then make sure that there is plenty of space to move around it.If you are planning on washing the ATV yourself, then you will need to get some basic tools together before you start. You will need:

  • Presure washer
  • Bucket or large container for cleaning solution (you can use just about any type of bucket or container)
  • Clean rags or sponges (these are optional but recommended)
  • Soft brush for cleaning wheels

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Pressure Wash Your ATV Immediately

One of the most important tips is to wash your ATV as soon as you get it home. After just a short few hours the mud will dry and make everything 10 times more difficu,t to remove.

Remember that although you are using a pressure washer, the less pressure you can use the better. This  way you reduce the chances of damaging the delicate parts of your ATV.

If the most you have time for is a quick rinse – do it! Spranging the worst of the dirt off immediately is well worth the few minutes it takes.

Prepare for Pressure Washing

You can plug up exhausts and any other outlets that are better without water getting inside. Old rags are fine for this purpose.

What PSI Should I Use to Clean My ATV

The range of PSI to use for cleaning an ATV is 1200-2000 PSI. Thi sis about the same as most coin car washes. Using higher pressure than this could damage your bodywork or other sensitive areas.

Wash Everything Down

Give everything a spray once over and get the worst of the dirt off. Don’t get fixated with one area being completely clean. This should only take a few minutes and your aim is remove the worst of the dirst and to get everything wet. This will help remove disperse thick dirt and keep whatever dirt is left, wet. By keeping it wet it’s easier to clean off.

Tires, Footwells, Wheel Wells (1700-2000 PSI)

Next, focus on the more robust areas:

  • Tires
  • Footwells
  • Wheel wells
  • Fenders
  • Chasis underside

Be careful to avoid the wheel bearings, pivot points, engine,drive train seals and electrical items. Also try to avoid using this high pressure on the controls and switches.

Seat Bodywork Controls (1200-1300 PSI)

Next lower the water pressure to a lower PSI. We recommend 1200-1300 PSI).Spray the entire upper side of the fenders and plastics being mindful not to get too close to the edge of the graphics. Finishing with the surfaces under theseat be careful to very gently hose off any electrical wires and connections.

Foam Cannon Optional

Depending on the level of clean you need, you may now wish to use a foam cannon to completely cover your bike in suds. This is worth doing periodically as it’s a bit like factory reset and everything comes up much cleaner.

After leaving the soap on for a few minutes (though always follow the instructions for that particular detergent) scrub wheels with soft brush and use the brush to loosen any dirt on underside areas.

To Clean or Not to Clean Exposed Engine Parts?

It’s perfectly okay to clean the exposed engine parts, drive chassis and suspension parts under your ATV. Just be really careful not to use too much pressure and keep a sensible distance away.

Be extremely cautious using soap on underside areas of your bike and always read the the label and follow directions of the particular detergent.


Using your pressure washer, rinse over the entire bike getting rid of all detergent and any remaing dirt. Spray your controls from a distance as these can be more sensitive to high pressure water spray.

Dry Your ATV

Bodywork on ATVs is similar to cars in that its probably fine to air dry but for th ebest reults and to keep your bodywork fresh for as long as possible, it’s definitely worth taking the time to dry your ATV after pressure washing.

Use a leather chamois or soft micro fiber cloth. Dry the plastic bodywork first.

Safety Tips

Some safety tips for pressure washing an atv:

  • Use eye protection
  • Don’t go below a 25-degree nozzle
  • Do not go above 2000 PSI
  • Remember a PSI of 1100 can cut through human skin – never test this out
  • Never direct your pressure washer at a living thing


Pressure washing your quad bike (ATV) as soon as you finish use is worth the effort. Stay within 1200-2000 PSI and only presure wash in a well drained area.

Be mindful of sensitive areas and use soap if it’s really dirty. We hope this helps you navigate cleaning your ATV with a pressure washer – let us know how you get on.

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