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Are Pressure Washer Waterproof? – Best Read in 2023

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Thinking of pressure washing in the rain? Or inadvertently sprained water all over your pressure washer power unit?

Then you’re probably wondering “are pressure washer waterproof“.

Are Pressure Washer Waterproof in the rain?

Well, not necessarily, even though they are designed for projects where water is going everywhere. They are water-resistant, but the electric pressure washers also could electrocute you if they get too wet. As for gas pressure washers, they are more water-resistant but not fully waterproof so be careful.

Are Pressure Washer Waterproof? - Best Read in 2023

The general approach is that once the rain starts to get on the heavier side and there is lightning present, you should avoid using a pressure washer. Especially if it is an electric model since those come with a risk of shock if they get wet in the wrong places.

However, when it sprinkles or the rain tends to be on the lighter side, it should not prevent you from being able to use your pressure washer. Just make sure to wipe the water off when you store it and do not hesitate to stop and come back another day if pressure washer is getting too wet.

Can you leave a pressure washer in the rain?

Leaving a pressure washer out in the rain for an extended amount of time has been known to cause rust and corrosion to appear. Electric pressure washers should never be left in rain.

Therefore, keep it out of the rain as much as possible and wipe the water off when you store it is on there just to be safe. Rust and corrosion will ruin a pressure washer.

Can a pressure washer be stored outside?

For the sake of the lifespan your pressure washer will have, it is not recommended to store a pressure washer outside. Instead, find a cool yet dry area where it can be stored securely. Such as a warehouse or a heated garage. While being heated is ideal, it does not necessarily have to be heated. It just needs to at least be cool and dry with no risk of being exposed directly to the elements,

Can you soft wash in the rain?

If it is not a heavy downpour, but rather a light sprinkle/rain, you should be just fine to go ahead and soft wash. However, in cases where the rain is heavy and/or there is lightning present, it is best to just wait until the storm passes over so that you can ensure the best outcome possible for the soft wash.

Can you use a pressure washer underwater?

There are special pressure washers for use underwater, but your main models will not be designed for this since it does require specialty parts and different designs than the ones used on land.

Where should I store my pressure washer?

A heated shed/garage, or any other cool and dry area where it is not exposed to the elements that mother nature has been known to throw upon us unexpectedly. Also, make sure that it is a secure location so that you are not at risk of having it leave in the wrong hands, as it is valuable equipment.

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