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How to Clean a Garage Floor with a Pressure Washer – Your Best Guide in 2023

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How to Clean a Garage Floor?

If you are looking for an easy way on how to clean a garage floor, a pressure washer may be just what you need. This article will help you find the best model and teach how to use it effectively.

People often use their garage for more than parking the family cars. They also use them as storage areas, hobby areas, work areas, gyms, and more. Over time, it is easy for the garage floor to build up dirt, dust, and grease or oil stains. Using a power washer is a great way to restore your garage floor and make it clean.

Power washers are affordable and safe, and they come with all kinds of attachments and accessories so that they can perform a variety of tasks. You can also clean your siding, your driveway, your patio furniture, your car, and more.

Is a Pressure Washer the Same as a Power Washer?

People often use these two terms interchangeably, but there is actually a difference. Power washers use hot water and pressure washers don’t. If you have a tough job and need to remove oil stains or grease, the hot water in a power washer can help. However, either one can do the job effectively.

Can You Remove Oil and Grease Stains with a Pressure Washer?

You can remove oil and grease stains with a pressure washer. You will want to use degreaser detergents and an attachment that is a scrub brush. This combined with the force of the pressure washer will help you.

You will use the degreasing agent before you pressure wash. There is a nozzle on your pressure washer for soap and cleaners. Then, if you have a scrubbing brush that attaches to your pressure washer, use it to scrub the tough stains.

Once you lift the grease and oil stains, you can pressure wash the garage floor to finish the job.

How to Pressure Wash Your Garage Floor

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  • When you want to clean a garage floor with a pressure washer, you need to begin by emptying your garage. You shouldn’t try to leave items on the sides because the power from the pressure washer can damage it. After you clear it out, you need to sweep out the entire garage.
  • Next, assess the floor and pre-treat any stains. You should use a strong degreaser and let it soak into the stain for 15 or 20 minutes. You can wet the floor first. While you are waiting for your stained areas to finish soaking in the degreaser, you can start on the rest of the floor.

It is a good idea to use the degreaser. In fact, many pressure washers have a tank for a degreasing agent.

  • Use a low-pressure nozzle tip, which will usually be black. Use this to apply the degreaser to the entire floor. If your pressure washer doesn’t have a tank for a degreasing agent, you can use a bucket and mix it up before spreading it on the floor. Keep it wet so that you don’t end up with streaks
  • After your garage floor has soaked in the degreaser, use the pressure washer to start cleaning the floor. You should choose the 15-degree nozzle, which is ideal if you have tough stains. If your garage floor doesn’t have stains or heavy dirt, you can use the green 25-degree nozzle. It is less powerful but covers more space.
  • Keep the tip of your pressure washer wand between six and twelve inches off the floorwhile you pressure wash. Keep it moving along; you don’t want to stop and spray one place for too long. You should start at the back of the garage and spray towards the garage door.

Work in sections, moving across the floor and returning to the other side when you reach the side wall.

  • As you reach spots where you soaked oil or grease stains, take your time to make sure that you clean them thoroughly. You may need to go over them a few times to remove the stain. When you reach the garage door, aim the water away from the garage and you are finished.

What to Know Before You Choose a Pressure Washer

Before you choose your pressure washer, there are a few things that you should be aware of. First, they come in both electric and gas-powered options. Electric power washers are safer in enclosed spaces, such as a garage, but you can use a gas-powered pressure washer as long as you keep it outside.

Gas-powered pressure washers emit carbon monoxide, so they can be dangerous in an enclosed space. You should always start by sweeping out the garage and removing anything you have. You need to start at the back of the garage and work your way towards the opening.

Spray the floor directly and move the water towards the open part of the garage. This will ensure that the dirt and debris along with the dirty water leave your garage.

You also need to be aware that the pressure of the water is very strong, so you should wear closed-toe shoes. It is strong enough to damage your feet and break the skin. Never direct the nozzle at your feet or at anyone nearby, and don’t use your hands to check how the pressure feels.

washing garage floor

How to Choose the Best Pressure Washer for the Garage Floor

The first decision is whether to buy a gas-powered or electric-powered pressure washer. You need to consider other uses you have for your pressure washer because there are differences between the two.

You have more mobility with a gas pressure washer because electric ones are limited by the length of the cord. However, you need to consider that you can’t bring your gas-powered pressure washer into the garage when you clean the floors.

Pressure washers are rated for their maximum pressure and their water flow rate, and gas pressure washers are usually more powerful. This will help if you have tough oil or grease stains to clean. However, you can find electric pressure washers that are strong enough to do the job.

Ideally, you want a pressure washer with a PSI (maximum pressure) of 3000 or more, and a flow rate, measured in gallons per minute, of 3 GPM or more. You can use them if the GPM is lower, but it will take longer to do the job.

Best Pressure Washer for Garage Floors

These are a few of the best pressure washers for your garage floors, and they will perform other tasks as well. You can use them to clean your driveways, patios, cars, fences, and more.

Teande Electric Pressure Washer

The Teande electric pressure washer has a maximum pressure of 3800 PSI at 2.8 GPM, which is strong enough to clean the most difficult stains on your garage floor.

It uses an intelligent touch screen that can adjust your water pressure for the job you need it to do. It has four quick-connect spray tips, including 0-, 15-, 25-, and 40-degree tips, as well as one for soap.

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Simpson Cleaning Megashot Gas Pressure Washer

The Simpson Cleaning Megashot gas pressure washer is built with a Honda GC190 residential engine. It has a maintenance-free OEM Technologies axial cam pump. You will not need to change the oil, and it is corrosion-resistant and sealed to prevent contamination.

It is made on a welded steel construction frame, as well as 10” premium pneumatic wheels. It has a maximum pressure of 3200 PSI at 2.5 GPM.

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Nusiiro Electric Pressure Washer

The electric Nusiiro pressure washer is another great option for cleaning garage floors. It has a maximum pressure of 3800 PSI at 2.6 GPM. It comes in either green or blue, and it has a 2000-watt all-copper motor.

It can handle any tasks around the home, from driveways and siding to cars and patio furniture. It has an auto-start and stop button and a TSS system that will automatically shut it off if you release the trigger.

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Westinghouse Gas Pressure Washer

The Westinghouse gas pressure washer has a maximum pressure of 3200 PSI at 2.5 GPM. It is powerful enough to clean your garage floor, driveway, patio, siding, fences, cars, and more. It has a half-gallon onboard soap tank and a 25-foot abrasion-resistant hose.

It also has a lightweight spray gun and five quick-connect nozzle tips that include 0, 15, 25, and 40 degrees as well as soap.

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Wholesun Electric Pressure Washer

The Wholesun electric pressure washer comes in three colors: blue, green, and red. It offers a maximum pressure of 3000 PSI at 2.4 GPM. It also has a high-pressure foamer cannon that can loosen tough grime and remove stains. It works well for garage floors, cars, driveways, patios, fences, and more.

It has a 1600-watt motor that is strong enough to tackle most jobs. It also has leakproof connections with a professional metal garden hose connector and a 22mm metal water outlet.

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Final Words

Pressure washing floors offers an efficient and effective way to clean your garage floors.  Hopefully, this article helped you find the best pressure washer for the job.

You might also find this article useful with more details on pressure washers for garage floors.

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