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Best pressure washers for under $300 – buyers guide

Pressure Washer, siding

You want to keep your car, house, drive, and siding clean, right? Homeowners feel that cleaning is a tedious task, especially if you're using an unreliable tool. But with the right, powerful pressure washer, it's painless. For beginners, it's important to nail down what you intend to do with a pressure washer before shopping for one. 

Given the wide range of models on the market, choosing the right pressure washer that suits your needs can be complicated. While numerous factors will influence your choice, budget is not an exception. You can now get a machine without having to spend thousands of dollars. Let's blast away dirt, mildew, and grime with the best pressure washer under $300.

Today, the pressure washing industry is positively booming, and many manufacturers are innovating exceptional models ranging from high-end to budget friendly products. So, it's skeptical to think that you can't get a cheap option, yet as powerful as their high-rated alternatives.

Our handy buyer guide narrows down in-depth information for you. Let's get started! 

Recommended Pressure Washers For Under $300

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1. TEANDE 3800PSI Electric Pressure Washer, 2.8GPM

TEANDE 3800PSI is a powerful pressure washer that offers super-effective cleaning solutions beyond your expectations.

Its 1800-watt electric motor produces an impressive cleaning power of 3800 PSI at 2.8 GPM that helps to remove tough or deep-seated stains and grime effortlessly. Also, its adjustable spray stream is perfect for sidings, decks, vehicles, pools, lawn equipment, among others.

One great quality of TEANDE is its water preservation. As a homeowner, you can undoubtedly minimize water consumption by almost 60 percent compared to other traditional pressure washers while appreciating the same excellent performance you'd expect from high-end models. 

All credits to 5 adjustable spray nozzles that enhance decent results in seconds. You can adjust the nozzles and select the best-suited spray pattern (0º, 15º, 25º, 40º, soap) to tackle different cleaning jobs. On the same, soap bottle spreads thick and rich foam to loosen any sticky dirt or grime.

Besides, this model employs a precision technology together with easy-glide wheels for an easy push. You can drag your machine easily as you wash your items around the house for deep cleaning. The well-built storage compartments provide good storage for accessories, plus keeping the power cord neat and tidy. 

It comes with an automated total stop system (TSS) that safely shuts down the pump every time you trigger to not only preserve pump life but also save energy. In fact, this upgraded version permanently addresses the leakage problem that was earlier presented by plastic connectors. 

Thanks to its 6m hose length that boast maximum reach to secluded corners of your 2-story building and outdoor outlets. Consequently, a 35-foot cord length ensures more power output to suit your cleaning needs. 

Only weighing 26.2 pounds, this unit is light in weight to ensure easy storage and movement as well. At the same time, its sleek design and durable body add portion to durability and appearance. 

Things we like:

  • Lightweight for easy storage and transportation
  • Excellent cleaning power (2800PSI/2.8GPM)
  • Easy to manage (it's electric-powered)
  • Versatile
  • Easy-to-glide wheels for movement
  • 5 adjustable nozzles
  • Energy-efficient

Things we don't like:

  • Its lightweight puts stability in question

2. SIMPSON Cleaning CM60912 Clean Machine Gas Pressure Washer

For satisfying features, SIMPSON Cleaning CM60912 is really unbeatable at this price range. This machine weighs slightly higher than others, but its cleaning power isn't a joke.

Therefore, you're assured of effectiveness and the enormous pressure that makes it ideal for patios, driveways, and sidings.

The powerhouse is powered by a 14cc OHV engine to generate 2400 PSI at 2.0 GPM on its name. Novice users know that gas pressure washers are powerful, which makes Simpson edge its competitors.

Because of large recoil, you'll find it extremely easy to start. This gives a chance to starters who have little knowledge about these machines – they praise its easy setup whenever they get hands on it.

Equipped with EOM Technologies axial cam pump, you'll enjoy its performance whenever you're up to various cleaning jobs. Its main task is to smash the undetected dust in the weathered walls of your house and bring it back to its initial look. 

What about mobility? The stunning 6-inch flat wheels allow easy maneuverability. The unit finds it easy to roll across any terrain struggle-free. In addition, these are not just tires, but rubber pneumatic tires. 

You'll love the high-pressure gun that's engineered for easy control and comfort. In simple words, 'it's totally ergonomic.' The fold-down handle and onboard detergent tank are useful add-on features that help you to apply soaps on the tough stains. 

Notably, SIMPSON CM60912 features 3 quick connect nozzles – a plastic soap nozzle and two brass nozzle tips. All these nozzles provide a full range of spray patterns and are corrosion resistant, too. 

In terms of durability, this tool is fully assembled with a steel frame, which is corrosion-resistant. Use the flexible 25-inch hose freely without the panic of the hose getting tangled.

Things we like:

  • 3 spray nozzles included
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to install and start
  • Heavy-duty motor for quick pressure cleaning
  • Easy storage and movement
  • Mobile to drag across any terrain
  • Versatile machine

Things we don't like:

  • Engine vibration makes the environment noisy
  • Needs more than little maintenance. Gas pressure washers require maintenance.

3. Westinghouse WPX3200 Gas Powered Pressure Washer 3200 PSI

When it comes to versatility, affordability, and compactness, Westinghouse WPX3200 outperforms other models in this category hands down. It looks easy to carry around and relatively neat.

Hence, you'll have a reason to enjoy the best of two worlds. It's because of 3200 PSI at 2.5 GPM power output that WPX3200 is powerful. 

Further, this machine combines everything homeowners and professionals need in a machine, including onboard soap, cleaning ability, and durability. Compact (16-inch high), lightweight (weighs 15 lbs), a breeze to use, and easy to store.

Stationed neatly at the bottom of the machine is the soap tank. This tank doubles the cleaning experience by allowing your own detergent depending on the surface for various cleaning applications. With your car, just apply the tank to create rich foam and use the same machine to rinse. 

Built from a sturdy OHV Westinghouse engine harness the lifespan and easy recoil start. Though you may be required to apply an oil or grease at times, the unit is worth it. Its quick cleaning is evidence of the excerpt. For example, some electric models may take up to 30 minutes to get the job done, but gas-powered will use at most 5 minutes to battle the same cleaning job. 

Protected by abrasion-resistant materials and rugged steel framing, Westinghouse 3200PSI is dependable. It will serve you for years to come struggle-free. Many people use it for outdoor activities like RVs, boats, and driveways, simply because of its high portability rating. 

Annihilate dirt and dust from your area of comfort in no time. Whichever the case, Westinghouse dedicates to make your home neat. Whenever. Wherever. 

Things we like:

  • Powerful and durable
  • Superb design for portability and convenience
  • Versatile
  • A soap tank included
  • 5 nozzle tips that ensure different spray patterns
  • Hassle-free storage and transportation
  • Setup is quick

Things we don't like:

  • No setback unless there's water leakage

4. Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 Max PSI 1.76 GPM

San Jose is a popular name, not because of anything but their innovativeness to produce superior home and garden products.

This time, they've got SPX3000 2030, which is probably the best pressure washer under $300. It's a machine that can handle every mess while being more than gentle for use around your house, outdoor furniture, or boat.

The robust 14.5Amp motor generates a maximum cleaning power of 2030 PSI at 1.76GPM of water flow. Despite its compact size, its power output can cope with various tough tasks without any arising issue. And you can complete your cleaning process in a shorter time than just washing and scrubbing with the original hose. 

Alongside power, the unit is designed with a two-detergent tank system. Meaning, you can conveniently dial and select the detergent or switch between chemicals to treat metal, woods, aluminum, and more for thorough cleaning. 

If design is something to consider, then the San Jose pump is definitely lighter and compact than the gas-powered models we've listed here. As such, it provides a cool environment around you and your neighbors when in operation. 

The extra features on this machine are something to be reckoned with. This cleaner comes with 5 spray nozzles ranging from 0 to 40 degrees together with one green soap nozzle. Take any cleaning jobs, and this excellent pressure washer will maneuver. Again, the 20-foot hose guarantees smooth operation while 35-foot power cord helps to improve the cleaning power. 

Increasingly, modern versions are adopting a safety lock switch or Total Stop System). The TSS automatically shuts down the axial pump when you're using it. So, Sun Joe SPX3000 collectively saves energy. 

Things we like:

  • Easy to store and transport than gas-powered models
  • Engine runs quietly
  • Perfect for light and medium-duty cleaning tasks
  • Safety measures (TSS)
  • A detergent tank allows extensive cleaning
  • Promising cleaning power

Things we don't like:

  • Nozzles tend to last over time
  • Soap nozzle may fail to perform effectively.

5. Karcher K5 Premium 2000 PSI Electric Power Pressure Washer

Here comes a unique 4-wheel pressure washer designed for high-class performance in the name of 'Karcher K5 Premium 2000PSI. It possesses a stellar power of 2000PSI at 1.4 GPM – the power rating is equal to the task to help you make an elite environment around you. 

It's the only machine, among other few, with an intelligent pressure control feature. That way, you can rotate the smart nozzle to obtain different types of water movement and strength. That's a bonus to people who have been struggling with the garden hose. 

Simply put, the N-COR pump integrated into this machine is a non-corrosive and durable addition. It will be astonishing to find out that you purchased another model- instead, Karcher requires little to no maintenance. 

For any cleaning jobs, stay put with this machine. And by all, they mean that even the toughest dirt from brick and concrete won't be spared as long as DirtBlaster Spray Wand is included. Some surfaces like driveways and vehicles may require extensive cleanup during summer, but with this unit, you're covered. The onboard detergent tank applies soap to the targeted surface to boost the enormous cleaning process. 

Another bonus feature is the Pressurized Hose Reel. This feature eases the winding and unwinding of a 25-foot hose. Along with that, the reel encourages convenient hose storage. Give your compound, fence, siding, driveways a new look by befriending the Karcher K5. 

Things we like:

  • User-friendly lance
  • Easy and quiet operation
  • Easy to drag around
  • 4-wheels add stability
  • Quick assembly
  • Possess enough cleaning power for tackling various cleaning jobs

Things we don't like:

  • The durability of the pump is questionable.

What's more important in a pressure washer PSI or GPM?

As you meander around, looking for a pressure washer, let these two factors be at your fingertips; PSI and GPM. Both metrics are equally important. PSI and GPM are related, and one depends on the other. It's through both that you'll get a correct combination of cleaning power, efficiency, and performance.

Wrapping UP

All in all, a pressure washer is an outstanding piece of equipment for homeowners. It's the tool that safely strips debris, dirt, mildew, stains, and more from any surface. With no time, this tool will become a necessity. Cleanliness is important and pressure washing is the way to go. Choose the best pressure washer under $300 that will complement the intended use.

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