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Sun Joe Pressure Washers – Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide, sun joe pressure washers

Sun Joe Pressure Washers

Sun Joe is a well-established brand in the realm of pressure washers. They have a reputation for producing affordable, easy to use products that get the job done.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when shopping for pressure washers is rushing out and buying the biggest, most powerful pressure washer they can find, but this is never a very good idea. In fact, you can save yourself a lot of stress and money when you choose the one that you need instead of the one you’d simply like to see hanging around in your storage shed.

sun joe pressure washers

At a Glance

Sun Joe SPX3001 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5 AMP Electric Pressure Washer with Hose Reel, Green
Sun Joe SPX3001 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5 AMP Electric Pressure Washer
Hose Length
20 feet
Sun Joe SPX3001 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5 AMP Electric Pressure Washer with Hose Reel, Green
Sun Joe SPX3001 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5 AMP Electric Pressure Washer
Hose Length
20 feet

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Types of Pressure Washers

There are three types of pressure washers to choose from:

Gas-Powered Pressure Washers

Gas-powered pressure washers are perfect for cleaning large areas, including driveways and decks. Even tough caked-on debris such as tree sap and glue can be removed with a gas-powered pressure washer. Because the pressure is a bit higher with gas-powered pressure washers than electric washers, you can usually use a nozzle with a wider angle and get the same results as you would if you used an electric pressure washer with a much narrower setting.

gas powered pressure washer

The disadvantages of gas-powered pressure washers include their noise level and their weight. These are heavy and very noisy pressure washers, and they also require regular tune-ups. They can also be high maintenance because they need to be winterized in colder climates and can even overheat if they are idling for long periods of time. You can usually get a gas-powered pressure washer for $250 to $500.

Electric Pressure Washers

Electric pressure washers are good for smaller jobs such as outdoor furniture and smaller patios and decks, and they are quiet and lightweight. In addition, there’s little maintenance required of them, and you don’t have to winterize them because you can simply bring them indoors instead.

The disadvantage of an electric pressure washer is that the area you’re cleaning is limited to the length of the cord and hose. The hoses you buy for these can be 25 to 30 feet in length, and the power cords can get up to 35 feet and longer, so you do still have lots of leeway when cleaning.

You can also get an electric pressure washer for roughly $100 to $250, making them a little more affordable than a gas-powered pressure washer.

Battery-Powered Pressure Washers

These pressure washers use a lithium-ion battery but don’t produce a ton of pressure. Because of this, you can only use them for lighter-duty tasks, such as washing your car. The main problem with battery-powered pressure washers is their low-pressure capabilities.

pressure washers by sun joe

The pressure on one of these washers usually only gets up to 500 pounds per square inch (psi). When you compare that to a gas-powered pressure washer, which normally offers 3000 psi, you can understand the limitations you might have with them.

Still, if you have basic cleaning needs and don’t intend to use the washer for more difficult cleaning jobs, they can be just right. Battery-powered pressure washers usually range from $100 to $200, so they are also very affordable.

Let’s Talk About Nozzles

Before we get into more detail about the best Sun Joe pressure washers, let’s talk about the nozzles you get with your pressure washer. The good news is that nozzles are color-coded according to their angle, and all makers of pressure washers use the same colors. Here is a breakdown of the colors and angles of each nozzle tip:

  • Red: 0 degrees
  • Yellow: 15 degrees
  • Green: 25 degrees
  • White: 40 degrees
  • Black: 65 degrees

There is also an all-in-one adjustable nozzle that you can buy, and both types allow you to utilize a variety of angles and strengths according to your needs.

 If you’re new to pressure washers, it’s essential to remember that using a tip with a wider angle is best in the beginning. The narrower the angle, the more pressure is put on the object you’re cleaning. You’ll want to start slow and build up to a narrower, stronger nozzle just to be on the safe side.

Using Your Pressure Washer

If you’re new to pressure washers, you’ll want to make sure that you read the user manual thoroughly since each brand and model are different. Always dress accordingly, which means wearing long pants, goggles, and the right footwear -- no sandals or flip flops!

Start by testing a small area and using a wide nozzle. Work with the nozzle two feet away from the object you’re cleaning, moving closer to it once you get more used to the nozzle. If possible, practice washing a small area in an out-of-the-way place so that you can use the proper amount of pressure on the real thing.

Whatever you do, never get closer than six inches away from the object you’re cleaning, especially if you’re using a narrow-angle nozzle tip. Never use an extension cord when you’re operating an electric pressure washer, and never stand on a ladder while using one, either.

It is just too dangerous to attempt. Finally, never point the trigger at anything living, including plants, pets, or people, and this includes yourself.

Learning About PSI and GPM


When you start shopping for your pressure washer, you’ll need a way to compare one washer to another, and most people use the numbers associated with pounds per square inch or PSI and the number of gallons of water it can put out per minute, or GPM. The PSI is simply the amount of pressure that is used when you’re cleaning something with the washer, and the GPM indicates the amount of water used while you’re working.

Don’t go for the absolute highest PSI and GPM numbers because, in the end, you simply may not need something that strong. Home-use pressure washers usually go up to around 3000 psi and up to 2.2 GPM, while commercial pressure washers sometimes accommodate 5000 psi and up to 10 GPM. If you’re not sure how high these numbers should be, do your due diligence and research what each pressure washer is intended to do.

The last thing you want is too strong and high-pressure because these units might damage the object you’re trying to clean. Pressure washers have been known to damage concrete and put pockmarks in other items. To reduce the chances of this happening, stick with lower numbers for light and even medium-sized jobs because they are the safest. After all, you can always get something more powerful later on if you should decide that this is what you really need.

Best Sun Joe Pressure Washers on the Market Today

Sun Joe SPX3200 14.5-Amp Go Anywhere Electric Pressure Washer

This electric pressure washer sits on 360-degree wheels that make it super easy to maneuver wherever you need it to go. Lightweight at 26 pounds and with a hose that is 20 feet long, the washer boasts 2030 psi and up to 1.76 GPM. One of the best features of this washer is its total stop system (TSS), which means that the system shuts off whenever the trigger isn’t being engaged. This not only keeps the pressure washer much safer to use, but it also saves on electricity.

The SPX3200 pressure washer is perfect for cleaning boats, patios and decks, windows, siding, and much more. It measures 19” x 11.5” x 24” and is therefore not too big to take with you from one location to another. Even better, at just under $150, this is one very affordable electric pressure washer.

Sun Joe SPX3000 14.5-Amp Electric Pressure Washer

Priced at around $150, this electric pressure washer is available in black, red, or blue and accommodates 2030 psi and 1.76 GPM. It weighs a mere 31 pounds and is therefore easy to maneuver, and it even comes with a 20-foot hose so that you have a lot of area to work with. The washer comes with dual detergent tanks that are removable and can accommodate two different types of detergent. The TSS ensures that the system will shut off automatically whenever the trigger isn’t engaged.

The SPX3000 also comes with five nozzle tips for convenience and has rear wheels to make it easy to work with. Its pressure is perfect for removing mud, oil stains, rust, and even mold and mildew. You can use it to clean patios and decks, lawn equipment, driveways, and much more. The 35-foot power cord ensures that you’ll be able to reach most of the objects you need to clean, making it a very versatile pressure washer in the end

Sun Joe SPX4501 13-Amp Electric Pressure Washer

Suppose you need a super-professional electric pressure washer because the dirt and grime you’re trying to get rid of are especially difficult to remove. This pressure washer will ensure expert results. It accommodates 2500 psi and 1.48 GPM, and it even comes with a one-gallon tank to hold detergent or soap to get anything extra-clean and smooth. The washer meets CSA standards and runs on a 13-amp/2000-watt motor that is strong and reliable.

This pressure washer is so good that you can use it for light commercial use if you like, and it comes with everything you need to begin using it immediately. This includes a 35-foot power cord, five nozzle tips, a 20-foot hose, and a 34-inch wand. It’s a little heavier than other pressure washers at just under 46 pounds and a little more expensive as well, but once you see for yourself everything it can do, you won’t regret purchasing it.

Sun Joe 24V-PP350-BDL iON + Cordless Power Cleaner Bundle

If you’re on the go and need a portable pressure washer, this one is for you. Priced at around $120, it is affordable for everyone and comes complete with everything you need to use it anywhere, including five nozzle tips and a mesh storage bag. While it isn’t for heavy-duty cleaning, it can handle light jobs with ease and is perfect for people who camp or fish a lot because you can take it anywhere. It has a 24-volt lithium-ion battery and a 180-watt brush motor to give it the power it needs for all sorts of jobs.

The PP350 pressure washer also comes with a. 11.9-inch extension wand and a 20-foot siphon hose, and you can fill it up with water anywhere you find a fresh-water source. It also accommodates 350 psi and 0.6 GPM, making it roughly five times more effective than a standard garden hose. The five nozzle tips ensure you’ll be able to perform various outdoor tasks, and at 15” x 5” x 2”, it is super easy to carry with you wherever you go.

Sun Joe SPX3001 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5 AMP Electric Pressure Washer

The Sun Joe SPX3001 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5 AMP Electric Pressure Washer is powerful and versatile, perfect for the toughest of dirt and grime. It features pressure settings that go from light stream to heavy duty spray, non-slip treads on its wheels so it’ll never move during use, storage of up to 20 ft. (6m) high-pressure hose in onboard reel for easy and quick clean up, detergent tank with built in blade which will give a good balance of deep cleaning without all the hard work.

 Simply attach one of five water spray tips to get started, and use the onboard reel to keep it tidy until it's time to soak up those messes again. The detachable tank allows for easy transportation inside and outside your domain. 

Sun Joe Accessories- Sun Joe SPX-GCA 315 Gutter Cleaning Attachment

This 315-degree cleaning attachment is made specifically for cleaning gutters, but as a multipurpose tool, it can do so much more than that. It weighs a mere 12 ounces and attaches quickly and easily to all Sun Joe pressure washers under the SPX label. With this attachment, you can remove twigs, leaves, needles, and a lot of other debris from your gutters with little effort on your part. It is a high-pressure utility brush that makes cleaning gutters something you don’t have to dread.

The attachment measures 21.65” x 1.57” x 1.57” and costs just under $18, so it is very affordable. In addition, if you pair it with an SPX-ESW4 extension spray wand, you can reach your gutter even quicker because the wand itself will be longer. If you have any SPX type of Sun Joe pressure washer, this is a great attachment to add to your accessories collection.

Final Words

Buying the right pressure washer doesn’t have to be a chore, especially when you choose a reputable brand like Sun Joe. These tips should help you feel a little more in control when you start shopping for your pressure washer, and with Sun Joe washers, you’ll have a great variety to choose from.

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