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The Most Powerful Electric Pressure Washers You Can Buy!

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When you need a powerful electric pressure washer, we got you.

If you’ve decided you want to explore pressure washers, but you want something more than just a light-duty home-use washer, you’re in luck. In between the huge commercial pressure washers that cost thousands of dollars and the smaller pressure washers that do very little are medium to heavy-duty pressure washers that are good for both home and light commercial use.

Our Top 5 Powerful Electric Pressure Washers

At a Glance

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if you’re wondering what some of the best powerful electric pressure washers are, here are some to consider:

When it comes to pressure washers, Fazil is not exactly a household name, but they do make some high-quality pressure washers. This particular one offers 3500 PSI of power and 2.8 GPM of water flow. The 2000-watt pressure washer is perfect for cleaning sidewalks, driveways, homes, patios and decks, and even vehicles of all kinds. It comes with a long 20-foot hose to make getting into every nook and cranny a lot easier, and at this low price, you can easily purchase it without breaking the bank.

One of the things you’ll love best about this pressure washer is that it is lightweight and compact, which means you can use it for hours at a time without hurting your back or shoulder muscles. It is an upright machine that is easy to use even for people who have never before used a pressure washer. It is even ergonomically designed to increase your comfort level, and it is never awkward to carry around as you work. You can use this pressure washer for dozens of tasks around the house.

The washer also comes with five different color-coded nozzles and a detergent tank in case you have items that are particularly hard to clean. The 33-foot electric cord means you can travel quite a distance while using it, and the TSS system means the unit shuts off whenever the trigger is disengaged. There are child safety locks on the washer in case kids are tempted to use it, and it even comes with a 2-year warranty for peace of mind.

What we like

  • Lightweight
  •  3500 PSI
  • Detergent tank

What we don't like

  • Nope, we love this one!

Sun Joe SPX-3000-MAX 2800 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

The SPX 3000 by Sun Joe is a very powerful pressure washer that boasts a brushless induction system and a 14.5-amp motor. It is excellent for all types of heavy-duty cleaning jobs, so if you operate a commercial or industrial business and need to clean things such as heavy equipment and concrete floors, this is the pressure washer for you. It even comes with two detergent tanks that are large and come with a special dial that allows you to control the mix of detergents.

The SPX-3000 also has a 35-foot cord that allows you to move around quite a bit and still be able to reach the items you wish to clean. It has a 20-foot hose that hooks up to a standard electrical outlet, and the adapter for your garden hose means you’ll get great efficiency every time you use it. This is also a very reasonably priced pressure washer for a commercial washer.

The unit also comes with everything you need to start using it immediately, including a 34-inch extension wand and a needle cleaning tool to keep all clogs and debris away. It is a large unit at roughly 23 x 21 x 15 inches, but is a lot more powerful than it looks. The TSS feature automatically turns off the washer when you disengage the trigger, keeping everyone around it safe and enabling the washer to run more efficiently. It is even fairly lightweight at only around 23 pounds.

What we like

  • 2800 SPI
  • 34 inch extension
  • Brand name

What we don't like

  • PSI not adjustable

This is a very powerful electric pressure washer that provides 3000 PSI of pressure and 1.8 GPM of water flow, making it perfect for cleaning homes, boats, vehicles, and much more. It is lightweight at 18 pounds and comes with four different nozzles that make it a versatile pressure washer. The TSS system not only enables the unit to shut off when the trigger is disengaged, but it also helps it run more efficiently and last a lot longer.

At a size of 20 x 13 x 12 inches, this 1800-watt pressure washer is great at cleaning decks and patios, siding, all types of equipment, driveways, and sheds, among others. It comes with a 20-foot hose that allows you to move around quite a bit while you’re working with it, and it is good for both personal and medium to heavy use. In fact, there is very little that this electric pressure washer cannot do, especially when you consider how inexpensive it is.

The washer also has a few extra perks, such as a built-in hose reel, which makes it super-easy to roll up the hose neatly after you’re finished working. It also comes with everything you need to start using it immediately, so whether you use it for home use or you operate a small pressure-washing business, this washer is perfect. It only weighs around 18 pounds and is therefore lightweight, and it is easy to use even for people who aren’t experienced at working with pressure washers.

What we like

  • TSS system
  • Powerful
  • Affordable

What we don't like

  • Some plastic connections

You might think that 2300 PSI is not enough for heavy-duty jobs, but the Simpson pressure washer will prove you wrong. With 2300 PSI and a GPM water flow of 1.2, this is a great pressure washer for both indoor and outdoor use, so you can use it on windows, sidewalks, driveways, vehicles, and all types of equipment. It even comes with a soap tank that allows you to add detergent so you can clean those extra-dirty items filled with debris.

The Simpson 61016 pressure washer is roughly 19 x 15 x 21 inches in size and weighs 55 pounds, making it a very durable washer that you’ll find lots of uses for besides what was already mentioned. The 25-foot hose makes it a pressure washer that is easy to maneuver, and the 35-foot electrical cord means you can move all over your yard and get as close as you like to the items you’re cleaning. The unit even has a steel frame that is powder-coated for extra durability, something you’ll appreciate more and more as the years go by.

This is an affordable unit that is easy to maneuver, easy to assemble, and compact enough to clean even hard-to-reach places. You also get a maintenance-free OEM Technologies axial cam pump, which means the unit is going to last for many years to come. This is indeed a very high-quality pressure washer that cleans tons of items and comes with enough accessories to begin using it immediately, including three nozzles for the versatility you often need when pressure-washing different items.

What we like

  • Soap tank
  • 25 foot hose
  • Long lasting

What we don't like

  • 1 year warranty

Looking for a powerful pressure washer that can tackle the toughest cleaning jobs? Look no further than the WHOLESUN Pressure Washer. With a powerful 1900-watt motor, this pressure washer generates up to 3000 PSI of water pressure, making it ideal for blasting through grime and dirt. The compact, upright design with axle-mounted wheels makes it easy to maneuver and store, while the copper connections ensure quick and effortless hookup.

This powerful electric washer packs 3000PSI of pressure, making it perfect for cleaning homes, cars, boats, and more. Plus, the TSS (TOTAL STOP SYSTEM) automatically shuts off the pump when the trigger is released, so you can work safely and efficiently. And with a 2-year warranty included, you can count on this washer to deliver quality results time and time again.

What we like

  • Affordable
  • 2 year warranty
  • Quick connect nozzels

What we don't like

  • Not the best build quality

Before you shop for electric pressure washers, you have to learn a few important terms, and the two most important are the pounds per square inch of pressure, or PSI, and the gallons per minute of water flow that the unit produces, or GPM. The PSI number can be below 1000 or higher than 6000, and the higher the number, the more power the unit has. Nevertheless, that PSI number isn’t the only number to look at because there is such a thing as using too much power when you buy a pressure washer.

If you were to buy a pressure washer that is 4000 PSI, it might actually be too much pressure for certain items, which means those items could possibly be damaged in the process. The good news is that most pressure washers will give you not only the PSI number but also a description of what you should and shouldn’t use them on. And if the manufacturer tells you not to use them to clean a certain item, it’s best to listen to that rule.

So, if you want to compare different electric pressure washers, how should you do it? First of all, there is one simple way to compare apples to apples, so to speak, and that is with this formula:

  • PSI x GPM = CUs, or cleaning units

Let’s say you’re looking at one pressure washer with a PSI number of 3000 and a GPM of 1.5. You’re also looking at another washer with a PSI number of 2800 and a GPM of 2. This would mean that the latter is actually a more powerful pressure washer. Why? Because the CU of the latter is 5600 (2800 x 2), and the CU of the former is only 4500 (3000 x 1.5). Even though the PSI of the first pressure washer is higher than that of the second one, the second one is actually more powerful when you’re comparing the two appropriately.

The Advantages of Electric Pressure Washers

Even though gas pressure washers tend to be more powerful than most electric pressure washers, there are still many advantages to go with electric ones:

  • inexpensive
  • low-maintenance
  • no batteries
  • no gas to buy
  • quieter than gas
  • can be used indoors

Even though gas pressure washers tend to be more powerful than most electric pressure washers, there are still many advantages to go with electric ones. For one thing, gas washers can be very expensive to buy, especially the ones with high PSI numbers. With electric pressure washers, the upfront costs are much lower. Plus, electric pressure washers are low-maintenance. Think about it - with an electric pressure washer, there are no batteries to replace, no gas or oil to buy, and no spark plugs to replace.

In addition to these things, electric pressure washers are much quieter than other types of washers, and they can easily be used indoors and even in enclosed spaces. They are also more lightweight than gas pressure washers, which means you can work with them for long periods of time without experiencing any back or shoulder pain. While you do have less mobility than you would with a gas model, most manufacturers provide extra-long hoses and electrical cords so that you can be a lot more mobile than you used to be with these types of washers.

If you are looking for more power you might like these: Best Gas Pressure Washers with a Honda Engine – Our 5 Favorites.

What Types of Electric Pressure Washers are Available?

Naturally, there are many different types of electric pressure washers, just like there are with others. These include:

powerful electric

Electric pressure washers have cords that you have to plug into an outlet and gas pressure washers don’t. However, electric pressure washers tend to be low-maintenance because there is no gas to buy. Electric pressure washers are also cheaper than gas washers, and you have to consider the price of the gas with the latter as well.

As far as price goes, as a general rule, pressure washers used for residential use (use of 5 to 10 hours per week) run anywhere from $100 to $500. Pressure washers made for everyday professional use usually run anywhere from $500 to $5000. This is why it’s so important to decide exactly what you’ll need before buying a pressure washer.

If you don’t need a super-powerful pressure washer, don’t buy one. This can save you a lot of money and also some frustration since the more powerful pressure washer can damage some of the items you’re trying to clean.

  • Hand-held electric pressure washers: These are very lightweight and small; so small, in fact, that you can store them easily in a shed or on a shelf in your garage. Use them to clean items such as vehicles, grills, and outdoor furniture.
  • Medium-sized electric pressure washers: Made to clean items such as balconies or small patios or decks, they are not hand-held but instead have to be pulled around, which gives your arm some relief. If you clean a large patio or deck or something similar in size, you’ll want something more powerful than this.
  • Large electric pressure washers: These have much stronger motors and are usually on wheels so that they’re more portable. They can offer other perks as well, such as onboard detergent tanks for those extra-difficult cleaning jobs. You can use these for cleaning walkways, patios, and decks, and for the removal of moss.
  • Extra-large electric pressure washers: These are the most-advanced pressure washers that offer high PSI ratings, as well as motors and pumps that are a little higher in quality. You get a lot of power with these pressure washers, but if you need even more power, you’ll have to opt for a gas-powered washer instead.

Once you determine what you need your electric pressure washer for, it’s a lot easier to decide which one is right for you. Make sure you read the directions on any model you’re considering buying just to make sure you are buying one that will meet your needs.

Tips for Choosing the Right Pressure Washer

We’ve already gone over some of the benefits of an electric pressure washer. To make your choice a little easier, consider the following tips and suggestions:

  • More power often means more caution. This means that if you choose a pressure washer with a high PSI number, make sure you follow any rules regarding safety issues, such as using the washer correctly and always using goggles.
  • While gas-powered pressure washers generally have more power than electric washers, they can be too powerful and even damage the item you’re trying to clean.
  • Faster is usually noisier. Gas pressure washers can produce 85 decibels of sound or more, which is usually the number that the experts recommend wearing hearing protection for. Electric models, on the other hand, usually average 78 decibels, which means you won’t need this protection.
  • You should always start by having the nozzle 2 feet away from the item being cleaned and moving closer only as needed. Never get any closer than 6 inches from the item, however, and start with the widest spray angle that removes the debris.
  • Always practice on a small test area to make sure your pressure washer isn’t too powerful for the job. It’s usually easy to find an out-of-the-way spot to test out your washer.
  • Solid-stream nozzles can do the most harm, so use those sparingly.
  • Never point the nozzle at people, pets, feet or legs, air conditioners, lights, or anything else that is electrical in nature or which might be harmed.


A pressure washer is a great investment for your home. Not only are they perfect for cleaning driveways, sidewalks, and decks, but they can also be used to remove mold and mildew from around the house. We’ve shared some of the most powerful electric pressure washers on the market today. So what are you waiting for? Get started by reading our buyer’s guide and then selecting the perfect model for your needs.

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